The Rich History of Heritage House Museum in Pflugerville, Texas

The Heritage House Museum in Pflugerville, Texas is an interesting mix of historical preservation and modern tourist attraction. Pflugerville sits right in the Red River drainage area on the southwest side of Austin Texas. It is a unique community that features a unique history centered around the Pflugerville-Red River relationship. The museum is housed in a historically restored farmhouse building that was once home to the Pflugerville couple. Pflugerville, Texas can be seen here.

The highlight of this tour is the Heritage House Museum, which is housed in a renovated farmhouse. It is the perfect place for anyone interested in Texas history. The H.H. museum is housed inside a renovated former plantation home that was built in old times with a design similar to the later century mansions and cottages that can be seen all over Texas. Built back in the late 1700s, it is one of the few structures of this era still standing in Pflugerville. Click here to read about The Many Exceptional Features of  Gilleland Creek Pool and Park in Pflugerville, TS.

Tours of the Heritage House Museum are free, but reservations for tours of the entire town can be done in advance by making phone calls to Pflugerville, TX information services. Tours are scheduled throughout the month, so make sure to schedule yours in advance so that you won’t miss out on any activities. The H.H. The museum is open on most Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (the holiday that falls on Dec. 7 is excluded). The Texas State Park is open daily during the rest of the year. Information on booking for these two popular attractions can be obtained from Pflugerville’s tourism office through their website or by calling the non-profit Pflugerville, Texas Visitors Bureau.

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