Major Attractions In Downtown Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown, Texas, is located in the Texas panhandle area. This community is about thirty minutes from Austin. There are many attractions that you can enjoy in the community, including the Georgetown Independent School District. It is also where you will find the first Texas recording school to get its start when the Recording Connection opened in Georgetown in 1957. Some of the major recording areas include The George Washington University recordings arts center, the South Middle School of Audio Visual, and the Texas College of Digital Music in the downtown area. Learn information about Pflugerville, Texas here.

The city is also rich in musical history. Several local musicians have made their mark on history, including Jack Wilkins and his six recording partners who called themselves The Georgetown Record Club. There are many locations throughout the city that are historical for some reason. The first recording studio to open in Georgetown, Texas, was located at the Old Willie Mae Lodge on Main Street. It is where many of the country’s early recording legends lived and worked, including Ben Ladd, Jimmy Ponder, Johnny Cash, and Merle Travis. Discover facts about Things to Do in Cedar Park, Texas.

If you want to experience something unique and never-before-seen, there is another fascinating attraction that you can enjoy in Georgetown, Texas. Known as the Alamo Drafthouse, it houses four movie screens that show movies on three-tiered theater fronts. You can enjoy a movie with fellow theatergoers or sit back and enjoy the latest releases that are showing in the area. This is another reason why this area is so popular with tourists and visitors. You can see a movie, take in a show, or even just sit back and enjoy a fine movie with your family and friends while you explore all the beautiful attractions that Georgetown, Texas, has to offer.

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