Interesting Information About 1849 Park in Pflugerville, Texas

The 1849 Park in Pflugerville, Texas is a great amenity for tourists who want to take a tour of Texas while living in Pflugerville. A little over an hour away from Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Pflugerville is a quaint community of about 2-thousand residents located on twenty acres of land in the Texas panhandle. They have a wonderful community center that features a swimming pool, fitness room, a grill, and restaurant. The Park is open all the time during the summer. This article will give you an idea of what it has to offer as far as recreational activities go. Learn more here.

The 1849 Park in Pflugerville, Texas features a miniature golf course, a putting area, an activity lake, volleyball courts, an arcade, a restaurant, and picnic tables. The miniature golf course was built by the Pflugerville Independent School District and features eighteen bunkers with lightning protection. The putting area offers the best greenside technique in Texas, and all four courses are surrounded by an oak tree and other landscaping features. On the tennis court, there is a seating area and concession stands for your food and beverage needs. Learn more about The Wonderful and Charming Wuthrich Park in Pflugerville, Texas.

The 1849 Park in Pflugerville, Texas is open year-round and has several different options for activities for every member of the family. You can choose whether you would rather spend your days playing on the sports fields or enjoying the recreational aspects of the park. You can also enjoy nature hikes in the vicinity of the community park. There is a concession station for your dining needs, and the shopping is just a block away on the south end of the field complex.

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