About The Beautiful Georgetown, Texas

Georgetown, Texas, is an attractive location to many in the country. This unique town has a lot to offer visitors, both young and old, as it is situated right next to the Houston Metro Area. It is also home to George Bush National Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. Information can be found here.

Georgetown, Texas, offers so much to see and do. Destinations within the Downtown Historic District are the Victorian-style Old William County Jail and the 1911 courthouse. The historic William McKinney House is open to the public and is considering a major tourist attraction. East, Southwestern University is well known for its giant fountain and lake; the campus is known as the “cream of the college sports.” To the southwest, Blue Hole Park offers a spacious underground cave with over two miles of limestone beach. See here for information about¬†Major Attractions In Downtown Georgetown, Texas.

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